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wow what a boring day. Both Chelada and I had no energy for some reason. We mostly moped around the house, watched some tv. Well.... Chelada did rip out a shrub in the backyard and I threw the remains in the pile under our huge tree. We wanted to clean our horders porch, but we lacked energy. I played with the dogs a bit. Chelada is still recovering from his horrid sickness this week. We still can't decide what we want to do for Saturday night. We are both in a blah mood.


Chelada missed work again because of his sickness. I went to work and was left with a LOT of work to do because the previous person just didn't give a crap. The previous person (JJ) is leaving in October (hopefully) and he just doesn't care about his work anymore. It is frustrating working in a union shop because people don't get punished for poor work ethics.
I did yoga when I got home, played with the dogs, ate dinner, watched TV, played a little volleyball, now I'm trolling the internet while drinking a glass of wine.
I'll say happy birthday to Andy tomorrow. I haven't seen him in ages. Maybe I'll invite myself over to his new apartment? I dunno, we'll see.


Woke up, drank caffeinated "Mio" water at work to keep me going. Work was fine until it was impossibly busy for the last hour. Got home, played with the dogs, and then exercised my legs. My legs wanted to fall off. I'm trying to get them toned up so I can jump higher for volleyball. I did some yoga. Ate dinner with dozdan and then we mowed the lawn. Ouisa visited and brought us eggs. Now I'm just vegging out in front of the computer.

Back again

Hello I'm back to follow my friend Fabunobo I guess LOL


I really like Kimberley Locke's new single. It is called Strobelight.
Listen HERE

I can't wait for the remixes of this single or her new album. Apparently her next album will be a dance one because she was a semi-hit with the gays. I say more power to her for trying to further her career.


I've been thinking how I could possibly listen to music while driving around at work. I came across this speaker this morning. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001UEBN42/ref=oss_product
I bought it. I am going to borrow my dad's Sandisk Sansa Clip (if it still works) and try it out. If not I'll borrow my co worker's ipod and try it. I want to see which player sounds better on the speaker. Hopefully the Clip will sound better since it is much, much cheaper.


The trailer for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World looks better to me than the trailer for Kick Ass. Just sayin'


Picture it: 45 minutes before leaving the factory floor I'm rushing to the bathroom on my electric cart. I turn a corner and hear PISSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!! A small tupperware like container fell off my cart. Its contents: little, steel balls. The avalanche of silver marbles went everywhere. A co-worker thought he was being attacked! The balls were in the floor mats, under machinery, in the floor cracks, you name it. It took 5 of us 15 minutes to round up the crazy critters.
The good news is that I didn't get in trouble, I no longer had the urge to use the bathroom, and it was closer to quitting time when we were done.
The funny thing is I wasn't that embarrassed. It was more a feeling of DOH! 
From now on I will not double stack the tupperware containers on my cart.
I'm off to volleyball


chelada  gave me a cool birthday present. I was totally shocked and elated. It weighs more than 11 pounds.
What is it? 
click HERE

P.S. thank you fabunobo  for the throwback mountain dew. I realize if I didn't thank you here, you would soon post about it or something......  ha ha



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